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Illustration, Layout design

March 2019



To design a user guide for CuePath’s app and device using illustrations that can communicate instructions thoroughly to their target demographic.

The user guide is to help the customer install and prepare the device on for their loved one on their own with minimal aide necessary from customer service. This is to ensure that the user understands how to use the device to their best ability.


Graphic Designer



01. Organize


Discussed the project’s specifications of what was needed in the user guide. The company already had a design guide and an idea of the layout they wanted so my job was to bring their plans to fruition.

The main component that was missing from the planning was the assets, which I needed to illustrate myself. We discussed what kind of imagery they wanted to convey and styles, which was realism and minimal. They wanted to relay important information immediately to the user and avoid any confusion necessary.

02. Ideate

Layout Design

After receiving the assets, I proceeded to get started on the layout design and placing all the necessary assets and text boxes to get a sense of what I was working with. The team had the copy text ready which helped measure out the space I had to work with as well as help with figuring out what I could do with the assets. The key part I wanted to keep in mind during this process was keeping it as simple as possible and keeping their user in mind when creating the designs.


I started by taking photos of the devices in different angles and positioning them properly according to the “how-to” instructions of the user guide.

Next I traced over the images in Illustrator making sure to make it as close as possible to the device and keeping important information but not adding too much details that could lead to any confusion to the user.

03. Design

User Guide Final

Bringing in together the assets and copy text fell like dominos in the end. Once the illustrations had been revised and approved, it was inserted and ready for final approval.

Organizing the details towards the end was easier since we had the big pieces in place. There was discussion about future revisions due to the device being in the protoype phase and could possibly change in the future.

(Due to the project’s limitations, the full user guide cannot be displayed in public)

04. Final


During this project, I was thankful to be given full creative freedom when it came to stylizing the illustrations. I learned what kind of photographs was necessary to guide the illustrations and how much information I could relay using drawings.

I enjoyed the process especially since the copy text and layout had already been done in the beginning of the project before I came in. I was able to design and create visuals to help the company communicate the devices instructions to their user.



Richard Abasta – Customer Service Manager

Paul Racanelli – Admin Coordinator