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Forte Energy

Branding & Product Design

May 2019



Forte redefines what sport is. Forte is an electrolyte drink made for everyone and is formulated for everyday use.  “Everyday we are faced with challenges. Through hard work, we can win in our own sport.”

Forte is a fictional company created to demonstrate the knowledge in brand creation, 3D mockup design, and product design.


Product Designer,
Graphic Desinger





Our group started with the brand identity and decided on the name, slogan and target audience first. We created a mind map to figure out the brand name and where we wanted the brand campaign to go. We wanted to expand the target audience of the sport drink and make it a product that not only athletes can use but everyday people. From this idea, we were able to create our slogan “Share your energy”. We then decided on the main design concept using a mood board.


The team gathered images and competitive logos for inspiration. Using the images to inspire the branding and creation of the Fort brand. Using the competitor’s design as a reminder of what we want to avoid when designing an innovative brand.


Concept & Rough Drafts

For our brand’s story, we decided on making it a re-branding concept. That our company was initially supposed to compete in the sports drink market and decided to re-brand to make appealing to the general public. To do this, we had to create a new set of logos and brand design that we could evolve from. I designed a tacky lightning logo similar to Gatorade, in contrast with out minimal and clean re-branded logo.

Initial Product Design

Once we finalized our brand identity and story, I gathered our assets and started working on the product design. I found 2 bottle mockups, one being the typical sports drink bottle and the other being a sleeker and minimal bottle. I created the product mockups using Photoshop, the main purpose of the two contrasting designs was to showcase our re-branding and how we wanted to project our mission statement.

03. Re-design


Based on the feedback from the initial concept designs, I decided to work on the product design and branding personally to be able to have more creative freedom. The initial design was still too safe and close to the competitors designs.

When redefining sports drink, I wanted the design to also match who the product was for, and it was the larger demographic of families and workers. I chose a simple yet bright design so it would be easy to reach for and choose as a drink option.

04. Final


Moving into the product design & mockups, I enjoyed being able to work in a 3D space which brought our product to life. The initial product rendering was done through Photoshop, then later on was made in Dimensions which made a bigger difference in realism and display. I learned in this process that lighting made a big difference especially matching it with the background and scene.


During the process of branding and product creation, I learned that majority of the decisions and choices we made based on our target audience and product were mostly assumptions. I realized that we were making a product for us and it was difficult to be unbiased without doing any user testing or surveys. Majority of our initial design concept was based on the competitors and the products in the market which made it hard to stray away from the standard designs.

Overall the project has taught me that the user or target market should always be thought of throughout the entire process. And with this in mind I hope to be able to make more meaningful products in the future.



Aice Sumido – Graphic Design

KC Liwanag – Graphic Design