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Graphic Design, Layout

November 2020



Gmen is a restaurant in my neighborhood as is the basis of my menu. I chose this restaurant as the subject of the menu design for my Graphic Design course. The goal is to create a menu from scratch while demonstrating skills in creative design and knowledge of basic design elements and principles.


Graphic Designer



01. Ideate


Prior to the design of the menu, I gather images and colors that expressed the theme of the menu. Since it’s a japanese restaurant, I wanted the design to reflect the culture while adding my own twist to the concept as well.

Color Palette

I decided to use a split-complementary color scheme with orange, red, and green. This creates a warm and soft color mixture that invokes the similar warmth ramen often brings to the customer.

I wanted to use red to represent Japan, orange which often is used in food industry to invoke hunger, and green which represents nature and the mountains of Japan.

02. Design


Incorporating ramen to the logo in a form of a bowl, noodles, or chopsticks was important for me. During the thumbnails and sketches, I tried my best to design a round and soft logo which also visually represented the restaurant. The logo I chose to modify was one which includes a bowl, chopsticks, and the initial of the restaurant which I think best represents the restaurant’s theme.


Instead of using images of ramen, I wanted to use illustrations as a fun way to display the ingredients and contents of the food. I challenged myself with this task and wanted to create cohesive designs to each type of ramen. I chose to focus on the 3 most popular ramen, Shio, Shoyu, and Miso. I kept the design semi realistic while using soft and organic lines to reflect the actual food.

03. Final


This project taught me how to utilize each element and principle of design to create a composition with purpose. Using colors, lines, and shapes to not only show elements visually but also aid in expressing moods and feelings. 

I learned how to balance visual elements to copy text and how important one is to the other. Especially in menus which you can’t have one without the other, since they play an important role in conveying messages to the customer.