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Pacific Rim Magazine

Web Development & WordPress design

August 2018

Our website was awarded 1st place for the Website of the Year Award of 2018 College Media Association: Pinnacle Awards



This was a collaborative project with my WordPress Designer team and the Web Design team. I was in charge of coding the landing page, awards, blog, and meet the team.

This was my first time leading a team to convert someone else’s design to code. Using the Web Design team’s direction, we were able to create a vibrant and one of a kind theme that fits our 2018 PRM issue.


WordPress Designer


WordPress PHP

01. Research


The WordPress designers research about WordPress template hierarchy, loops, and basic template tags. During this time, we are waiting for the final mockups to be handed over by the Web design team.

Our team learns how to set up self-hosted WordPress installations, WordPress user roles, and WordPress template hierarchy. Then we begin to build basic WordPress themes to practice on before working on Pacific Rim Magazine’s 2018 site.

Focus & Study

During this period, our team was taking Advanced Web Design in a faster pace to so that we are better equipped to code the WordPress theme once the the Web Design team finishes the mockups.

I focused on understanding the WordPress template hierarchy as well as how to loop blogposts and ads for the website.

02. Code

WordPress theme

After receiving the mockups from the Web design team, we begin to work on the WordPress template pages, such as: Homepage, About, Contact, 404, Categories, Articles etc… More templates and drafts are created and during this time also tested.

During the theme coding, I worked closely on the main template pages, and later coded the designs for the landing page, awards page, blogs, and meet the team.

03. Testing

Quality Assurance

During the theme coding, our Quality Assurance (QA) team is working alongside us to test our finished pages to ensure we catch as many bugs as possible before the site goes live.

The WP team splits to two team, one who oversees finishing the remaining codes and the other to fixing the bugs spotted by the QA team.


Some changes needed to happen to the design of the website. This is due to the experience of the design team and the time constraint. Some designs became too complicated to be coded in our time frame and the WP design team worked together with the Web design team to find a solution to the design problem that can be coded with our abilities.

04. Live

Sign offs

After fixing the bugs, the WP design team signs off their work, which then is looked over by the QA team, Web Design team and editors to be signed off as well. This ensure that the site goes through multiple teams and that any errors in text, assets, or code will be spotted by someone.

After it has been signed off by every team, the theme is then uploaded into the live site and the PRM 2018 is now online.



Kevin McMillan – Web Director

Alice Cheng, Tanya Lefebvre – Editors & QA Team

Karolina Filippova, Sabrina Loeprich, Jeremy Reay – Web Designers

Josh Hillaby, Pauline Macapagal, Jed Rivada – WordPress Designers

Nicola Anderson, Vitoria Freitas, Bailey Hicks, Samantha McCready – Media

Madeline Barber, Max Wharin – Media